The Otterbox Antimicrobial Screen Protector is Now Available

BY CYBER POLE | Updated April 8, 2020

US-based electronic accessory giant has come up with the latest antimicrobial screen protector for its consumers. What is more interesting is that the company has unveiled an EPA registered screen guard that could kill 99.9% bacteria in the surface. With the spread of COVID-19, the company left no stoned unturned to increase the production. Although it doesn’t look any different from other screen guards, before the launch, the team from OtterBox displayed a new amplify glass screen protector for the iPhone 11 Pro series.

The company claims that the cornering glass is designed with EPA registered silver-ion antimicrobial technology that guarantees to kill 99.9% of surface bacteria. As the world faces a different type of crisis, the antimicrobial screen protector from OtterBox is readily available and is further likely to garner huge demand from the audience. Moreover, after the launch, there has been a great craze for the product globally. 

Although there is nothing new about the technology, however, it is one of the prototypes in the market. To be more precise, the company doesn’t sell it as a coronavirus killer. Moreover, the Amplify Glass with antimicrobial technology does not imply for any health benefits. The protector is glass embedded that offers optical clarity, touch sensitivity and is also damage resistance.

The company also claims that there have been no such tests carried out by its officials that helps to fight the coronavirus in case if anyone sues them. But if you are paranoid about microbes that may affect your well being, this protective shield will give you little peace of mind. Meanwhile, you should also regularly clean your mobile phones.

A matter of fact, the officials from the OtterBox also went for a bacteria test on the phone screen which eventually failed. With a score of 469 RLU, the test was comprehensively done. The OtterBox members stated about the pass limit for a hospital operating room to be 100, while that for a patient room to be 250.

We cannot claim that the latest OtterBox Amplify screen protector uses antimicrobial technology against any form of illness however, as of now, these screen guards have had a good record providing a scratch-free screen. You can undoubtedly trust on the product for its quality.  The company also sells Defender Series case with antimicrobial protection for both iPhone 11 series as well as Samsung Galaxy S20 series. On the other hand, the Speck Presidio Pro case has also come with Microbanantimicrobial protection. However, in such times of crisis, we always recommend our readers to take preventive measure.

About OtterBox

Started in 1998, Otterbox is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company manufactures shock-resistant, waterproof and drop resistant cases for mobile accessories. The “Amplify” version is being produced since 2019 in partnership with Corning Incorporated as a new line of screen protectors for high-end mobile brands including Apple, Samsung and many more. Meanwhile, the products are manufactures from its associate companies based in China, Mexico and the United States.