Messenger Rooms: Facebook’s New Video Calls Let 50 People Drop in

BY CYBER POLE | Updated April 27, 2020

Video conferencing has been a new trend connecting people across the globe. Not only families and friends, but various business hubs are also utilizing this technology. The sharp rise in video calling service has focused tech giants to allow multiple video conferencing connectivity with augmented reality filters. However, data security is the prime factors. Tech giants like Facebook and Google still face a burden to solve this issue. The latest in the line comes from the China-based video chatting app Zoom that drew huge flak due to discrepancies, therefore, causing uninvited guest drop or commonly known as “Zoombombing”.

Still, the company has seen a huge surge in its service with good numbers of users thronging in. Likewise, Facebook has also come up with video calling features to its subsidiary services including Whatsapp and Messenger allowing increased numbers of users. The company clarified the media that the latest Messenger Rooms can connect 50 members while on a video chat. It also stated that this service has been emphasized due to the ongoing novel coronavirus lockdown allowing people to socialize through the use of technology.

Uninvited Guests Were A Concern

Unlike the Zoom video chatting app, Facebook implemented cryptographers to prevent uninvited guest into the chatbox. But, as per the official statement, this service is still on a trial basis and will be allowed for certain numbers of users in the UK. On the other hand, they claim that it might take a few weeks for the update to reach all the Facebook members.

Meanwhile, the wake of coronavirus has brought other apps like Microsoft Teams to offer free premium service. This move has been beneficial for workers as well as students who can now stream the platform during the lockdown.

What Are the Features in The Latest Messenger App?

Messenger has developed an innovative idea in its chat room service similar to Houseparty where user can drop in and out as soon as the room opens up. Vice President of Facebook news feed, John Hegeman stated the Facebook wanted to create the natural world focusing on the “serendipity” that none other competitors offer. He also focused that the chat service will allow people to bump into the members just like in the real world.

Likewise, the company plans to offer private Messenger Room where one can send invitations to people who are not on Facebook. On the other hand, the user can equally block unwanted participants too. Rooms can be created through Facebook as well as Messenger, along with that, the company plans to implement such features in Whatsapp, Instagram and its latest video-calling portal “Soon”.

Previous Tests and Rate Of Success

Facebook recently tested this service in a few of the countries like Poland and Argentina where users heavily rely on Messenger. The test showed that rooms could support up to 20 participants at a time. However, the company guarantees to allow up to 50 users in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, this service will allow participants to access reality filters along with real-time background changes. Public chat rooms will be at the top of the Facebook news feed.  

What is Zoom error?

Facebook has worked with its latest feature keeping in the mind about its competitors. Video conference giant Zoom drew global attention when users started getting uninvited guests in their chatbox.

Emphasising on all such factors, Director of products for Messenger, Stephane Taine remarked such issue to be  “top of mind” for the company. Therefore, now the company has developed complex coding with the help of cryptographers which will give hackers a tough time. But, the chat won’t be end to end encrypted as of now. He also claimed that the company won’t monitor any video call on its platform.

Still, Facebook will collect data for improving overall experience whenever the user opens the Messenger Room. However, few additional features are included such as

  • Users can watch Instagram Live videos on desktops
  • Users can add up to eight people on a Whatsapp video call
  • Facebook now allows live streams where hosts can bring guests to their shows.