BY CYBER POLE | Updated May 14, 2020

The pandemic has allowed game enthusiasts to explore gaming series but getting them has been quite challenging

The Nintendo Switch, unlike other gaming products, offers a fantastic opportunity to explore gaming platform. However, gamers are having a tough time due to the shortage of gaming consoles. No sooner the product gets stocked than it quickly runs out. Even retailer giants like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buys are out of product these days. Well, the pandemic must be the sole reason. However, we will tell you about Nintendo Switch and the games that you need to give a try.

Meanwhile, we also focus on how you can get the Nintendo Switch (yes, you go it right the one that is portable and equally connects to your TV) or even Switch Lite (the portable only version from Nintendo). Do you know, even the preowned or the refurbished Switch consoles are selling quickly amid pandemic.

Accessories Needed for Nintendo Switch

The Switch has got everything a game lover needs. However, the company approves extra purchase to make gaming platform more realistic. In some cases, wear and tear may equally need an exchange of accessories. You can extend the microSD card from its default 32GB storage. Online shopping giants like Amazon and Best Buy offers up to 512 GB of storage at a nominal price.

A tempered glass cover will also be beneficial for you. As the display in both Switch and Switch Lite comes with a plastic, customers have stressed about scratched screen making gaming experience poor. Therefore, you can save the screen by applying a glass cover at an affordable rate.

Meanwhile, if you are someone, who intends to play online games, you should get a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Your gaming levels are all backed in the cloud and you also get access to the original Nintendo consoles and SNES console areas. 

  • Where Can I Buy a Nintendo Switch Or Switch Lite
  • B&H Photo currently has yellow, turquoise and grey consoles in their stock
  • Walmart also offers grey Switch Lite
  • Amazon and Walmart have already run out of stock

Top Ranked Games for Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has never led down its enthusiasts. Therefore, you can experience a wide range of games on their platform. However, here we bring some of the excellent games that the company has to offer you. So, at times of pandemic, why not explore these jaw-dropping games. Meanwhile, Nintendo offers the Netflix style access to its NES as well as SNES gaming hub.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield is the best gaming series from Pokemon. The latest Switch allows you with dual nature. You can catch monsters and also enjoy the outstanding visual. The game also offers numbers of interesting features like an open-ended “Wild Area” exploration, latest multiplayer raid battles and quality-of-life changes that offer a streamlined gaming experience. The latest Dynamic feature can blow monsters indefinitely.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is worth playing games. Have you thought of being a goose and causing havoc? Moreover, the play allows a contrary gaming experience where players need to create as much mess as possible. Some gaming experts have coined it as a “wish of fulfilment”. As a titular goose, a player needs to create harmless troubles, therefore, enraging residents of a small village. This game is much loved by children however adults have also enjoyed the way it has been represented. What is more interesting is the “honk” button that allows disturbing people on the way.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link Awakening is a classic remake from the original Game Boy. However, the platform is so engaging that it looks like a new platform. This even looks like an adorable game due to its droma -like the world. Meanwhile, the game has an excellent rate of downloads from players. 

Fire Emblem

Although this game has been there for decades, the three houses from the game offer the biggest departure in the series. The latest version comes with high-quality combat tactics which the franchise offers. However, this series simulates a new experience with a newer structure. It looks like Hogwarts but is totally anime. This game is much loved for its emphasis on tests and students relationships and also the ongoing battle.

Ring Fit Adventure

Right, Fit Adventure is one of the strangest games that Nintendo has come out with. It is an adventure coated fantasy with exploration cum battles. On the other hand, the game stresses on your fitness too. Sound quite weird but it has given a market run to some of the greatest Wii Fit series. Therefore, the dual nature of the game has remarkably brought fun and workout together.

Super Mario Maker 2

Mario is the game that we all grew up with. However, the latest Super Mario Maker is quite different and offers classic side-scrolling features. This version offers inventive levels with a fully-fledged single-player option. On the other side, you can also play stages uploaded by other players.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is considered to be the best open-world games. However, the Switch version is quite compromised. Meanwhile, the squeeze in the video has affected to some extent however, the game is worth playing. With Nintendo, you can still enjoy it wherever you want even after years of launch. What is more surprising is the switch version that allows all the downloadable expansions.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 assigns Mario’s brother to rescue his friends from a haunted hotel. Not a typical type of horror game, it is much more about comedy. In the end, the result looks hilarious along with exciting adventure. The levels are very much enjoyable and innovative and offer a satisfying vacuum for sucking up the enemies.

These were a few of the most trending games that Nintendo has for you. All that you need to do is download and give them a try. Further, make sure to review and if you like it do not forget to share it amongst your friends.