How to Make the Most of Your at Home Video conference Setup: Microphone Edition

BY CYBER POLE | Updated May 21, 2020

Work from home is not a new structure scheduled by corporate houses. You must have seen ample numbers of freelancers as well as entrepreneurs who work from their comfort zone. However, what matters is the quality of performancei.e, work efficiency and productivity. So, if you are one of those who are not used to with videoconference, you may find it hard unless you habituate it. Moreover, few of the media giants including Twitter recently announced to follow the “work from home” till the year-end, this has hyped the market. Meanwhile, several companies plan to follow the same model however, this trend may take place until the pandemic lasts. 

What this means is to buckle up your computer system and make your work smooth. Now, here we understand how the audio system is a significant part of the setup. Similarly, most of the workers have emphasized about exploring the ways for a smooth broadcast. So, lets us take a closer look at how you can now build an excellent platform for your virtual works. Now, let us investigate a few of the options for a smooth audio transmission for your system. High-quality microphonesmake communication clear, so not wasting any time, let us review what we have got for you down here.

Microphone Basics

The entry-level starts with Samson Meteor Mic, a premium system that connects directly through USB and guarantees a great sound quality without any customization. This is something that adds up quality audio to your PC or Mac. Still, you can opt for Rode Wireless GO which is one of the most loved microphones due to its affordable wireless mic pack kit which also comes with an option to pair with the Rhode Lavalier GO. Meanwhile, Rhode also makes a great USB mic alike Meteor Mic and comes at a nominal price of $100. Further, the Rode NT-USB Mini features a classic design like the magnetic desk stand that makes it more resilient for certain setups, the sound system is even excellent.

Despite that, if you plan to improve your Rode Wireless Go setup a bit or if you are looking for a wired lavalier style wearable mic plugged into your computer you can go for Sennheiser. The Sennheiser MKE Essential Omni is one of the most popular lavalier mic often used for stage productions and other professional works. There is a tiny clip that you can plug to your outfit. The sound is great and the cost is also reasonable just under $200.

The company also offers Sennheiser ME2-II at a much lower cost $129.95 which also works with wireless transmitter like Rode Wireless GO, however, as compared to the previous one, the ME2-II sounds less warm.

High-Quality Sound System

The shotgun microphones are the latest sound system in the market. Now rigging your setup with the best audio is clearly possible. For that Rhode VideoMic NTG is indeed a great choice. The terrific battery backups offer excellent use for on-camera or field usage. Its compact dimension and intelligent compatibility make it the best suited for any audiovisual setup. If you are planning for a home setup, you should definitely go for shotgun mics that are built for this purpose. 

The Rode NTG3 is a personal favourite for most of the broadcast and media houses. It comes with a tubular mic along with a standard XLR output. The NTG3 runs on 48v phantom power excellent for video shooting when in a fixed location, exactly the way when you work at home. What is more surprising is that the Rode NTG3 is a high-quality system that comes with in-built moisture-free resistance and the sound quality is precise even when mounted out of sight beyond the camera frame. However, the NTG3 can become pricey as it costs around $699.

Another great option if you are looking for excellent audio quality at a reasonable price is the Sennheiser MKE 600. The price has been capped at $300 that means, it is roughly half the amount. The MKE 600 comes with an inbuilt battery setup in case you plan for outings. This comes with an XLR, therefore, you need to have a preamp like the Focusrite 2i2 or the latest Audient EVO 4 when you connect with your computer system.

If you are one of those who do not want to compromise with sound quality, the MKE 600 is the one for you. But also as we compare with the NTG3 it does not offer self-noise elimination or capturing deeper and richer tone.

Despite that, if you still want to give another try, youshould consider Shure SM7B. Yes, the boom-mounted mic that most of the radiopresenters and podcasters use. The Shure Beta 87A super cardioid mic is best if you are planning for home recording of audio.

 On the other side, there is a range of companies that guarantees you resplendent sound system but considering all such facts, the nature of selection is such that, one needs to vouch for maximum balance between the higher end and the lower end. Keeping in mind abut the budgetary factor, oneshould compare a lot of listings, reviews and even listening samples to find out which works the best. Several companies offer premium microphone setups. Moreover, you may also get a discount on products as per the season. So, go for a selection that suits you the best. 


Selecting a quality audio system is a tricky job. Moreover, avoiding proper investment in the sound system will further make your work-life complicated. When it is for videoconferencing, going an extra mile will surely assist to succumb the communication gap. Likewise, getting polished and professional audio will make a huge difference in day to day virtual attachment. Sticking to brands that offer resonant establishment is a great way to increase your reputation. Professional mics guarantee the smooth flow of sound providing an upper hand in accomplishing your desired enthusiasm.