How Are UK Tech Start-ups Helping Fight Corona Virus

BY CYBER POLE | Updated April 10, 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, majority of institutes are organizing their resources to combat this dreaded disease. While the government is equally trying every possible measure in providing relief, young start-ups are also not far behind. Most of these companies are providing a whole lot of assistance to solve the crisis. Ranging from mask and sanitizers to free food and online classes. Apart from that most of the tech companies are offering free remote working to hold the economy. Although many such services are difficult to track however, here we enlist few of the services that startups are readily offering to fight the COVID-19.

Health Tech

Most of the firms are scrambling ideas to counter the impact caused by the pandemic, this has also helped them take a good lead by finding a progressive way to manage the portfolio. A leading start-up Remote GP service from Babylon Health has designed a free symptom tracker app whereas, nutrition start-up Zoe Global has partnered with leading companies for symptom tracking app that has captured over a million downloads using the social media platform.

Sifted is another startup company that has brought list pf European startups under its roof that aims to provide data for researchers and temporary staffing service for hospitals. Push doctor, another leading company is constantly working for the NHS to assist the telehealth service for general practitioners. For mental health and therapy, Ieso Digital Health offers varieties of services.

UK stationed digital health startup Transcribe, has focused on tracking COVID-19 related data. This includes tracking of drugs used in treatment, medicine, analytics and uses. Element form is an online form builder offering free use of its data collection and communication platform for patients as well as hospitals. Each of these companies is doing there best to manage the situation.

Food Delivery

Food being essential service, various food tech startups are also using their platform in this situation. Deliveroo, a British food delivery organization has come us with innovative service. Here, “no- contact” pickup and deliveries are allowed from restaurants to customers. Meanwhile, the company offers sick pay up to 14 days for its couriers. Online grocery store, Farmdrop and Crisp are getting various demands making them focus their service to health workers and elderly people.


Many finance startups are using their platform to garner awareness. UpEffect is a UK based platform for crowdfunding that has decided to waive all its fees for campaigns to counter the effects of COVID-19. Another such company is the WhatWeWant that plans to donate all the fees for the National Emergencies Trust. Further, the Covid Credit is putting all its efforts to help UK freelancers get benefits from the government.

What is more interesting is a UK based online pension provider Penfold, has waived all the administration fee for pensioners with less than £ 25,000. Meanwhile, Digital Risks is a UK based insurance company that claims to offer free insurance for healthcare professionals. Even many payment companies are equally supporting the cause. Recently, SumUp, a UK based enterprise promised to offer free mobile payment and invoicing.

These were few of the leading tech startup that has armed up. Apart from all these companies, the government, as well as many other international companies, have tied up to brace the situation.