Coronavirus: Will COVID-19 Speed Up the Use Of Robots To Replace Human Workers

BY CYBER POLE | Updated April 20, 2020

When the world is under the grip of coronavirus, isn’t it an opportunity to explore the areas of the robotic machine. It is a matter of fact that robots are largely used in various sectors however, they are still under the supervision of humans. With the scare of the rise in robotic control, not much preference has been given in these areas. Apart from that, the robotic operation will definitely cause loss of employment which is another big hurdle. But COVID-19 has now opened the importance of robotic functioning where there are less manual and more computer-based service. Therefore, experts even claim about the integration of robots into the economy in coming times.

Many advance countries including America is using robotic technology to manage their daily requirement. In fact, Wallmart, America’s leading retailer uses robotic services in maintaining their stores. Similarly, South Korea has used robots in the pandemic efficiently. These robots help to measure temperature as well as distribute hand sanitizers. Considering all these facts, robots will have higher demands in coming times. When health experts recommend social distancing as the requisite norm, usage of robotic technology.

Robotic Cleaners

Various companies are investing in robotic cleaners for sanitizing purpose. One such company UVD Robots is a Denmark based manufacturer of ultraviolet light disinfection robots that has soared the production by selling its machine across Europe and China. Apart from hospitals even grocery stores and restaurants are using their products. Therefore, when the lockdown ends, the machines will have a huge demand in the market.

As customers are much more heeding towards their safety, such type of technology will be beneficial in the long run. However, the timely breakdown of the service is still a matter of concern. Likewise, unavailability of swift service facility is another area of concern.

Contactless Service

Social distancing is the most common norm that needs to be followed thus robotic assistance will play a lead role in this sector. Food and transportation is another area where the robot has a surmountable opportunity. Likewise, prior to the pandemic many food industries including MacDonald has tested with robotic service. This includes serving, billing and assisting customers thus saving human resource.

On the other hand, warehouse giants like Amazon and Walmart have equally applied the usage of robotic service in managing their day to day service. This concludes, collection, sorting, transfer, packing and shipping of products across their warehouse. Therefore, such type of work efficiency will not only hold the spread of the disease but also lessen human errors. However, experts claim that once an enterprise invests in robots, it is less likely to rehire the human employee.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificalintelliegence is the most glaring topic in the tech world. This would not only provide social distancing but also offer an edge over human intelligence. Events like this can be managed without hurdle by using the AI. The human-like capability form the AI will connect service to even far-flung areas. All that the system needs to do is think and act.