Coronavirus Threatens the Next Generation Of Smartphones

BY CYBER POLE | Updated April 3, 2020

Coronavirus undoubtedly has created an uproar in the world of technology. Some of the leading smartphone brands such as Apple and Samsung were eyeing the market of 5G technology, the scare of the pandemic has eventually shunned the market. Apart from that, it seems that there is no possibility of influencing the market even in months. Experts claim to face a huge economic recession much more effective than the 2009 series. With the world market coming to a deadlock, it is obvious that there will be a great delay in the launch of next-generation smartphones. Although, there have been no official claims about it, however, we have solid reasons why the coronavirus has severely threatened the 5th Generation technology.

Low Production Ratio

The novel coronavirus erupted in the city of Wuhan in December 2019. This further led to the lockdown of the overall city stopping the production. Meanwhile, many cities were equally prevented for running manufacturing hubs. Additionally, 70% of total smartphones are manufactured here thus disrupting the supply chain. Apart from that, smartphone makers also rely on South Korea which has also been severely affected by the outbreak. The city of Daegu in South Korea has clustered a huge number of positive cases. You should also know that the mobile phone manufacturing hub is only 20 km from this place, thus bringing a standstill in the production. 

Drop-in Sales

With the recession at the bay, the demand is also expected to fall in staggering figures. Even Chinese customers will purchase 33 million fewer phones. Likewise, this figure will significantly drop in Europe and the US. This will impact not only the device manufacturer but also smartphone lovers due to the low supply of products. Moreover, some experts stress the launch to be held in 2021. However, if the stores remain closed for a longer time, particularly, Apple may face the burden due to its exclusive retail chain. 

iPhone 12 May Delay Its Launch

In the case of iPhone 12, it is ready for its launch, however, the testing phase has seriously effected its market. This includes not only the hardware and the design but also the capabilities of its software to run on 5G technology. Likewise, a smartphone is very complicated devices that use products from varies countries. Although much of the work is done by robotics, however, some research and development require human interference. The testing is very much a complex procedure where matters related to security has the highest priority.

Shipping and Transportation

With the flight cancellation and delays in ocean freight, chances are high about components not reaching the assembly centres which would further disable the release to the retail outlet. With hurdles in each step, no enterprise would ever take the risk of deploring the business outcome. Both Apple and Samsung are likely to lessen features if there is an announcement of the launch.  On the other hand, both companies expect to have loyal fans who would understand the scenario behind the delay.