Apple to Design and Make Medical Gear

BY CYBER POLE | Updated April 6, 2020

COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected the entire world. But, to counter such a prevalent challenge, global enterprises are turning their offices into either a makeshift hospital or a manufacturing hub for protective gear. Likewise, Apple is amongst one of those companies that never stay behind in the hours of need. Recently Apple CEO, Tim Cook tweeted that the company will now be producing protective gear for medical staff. Although it’s a huge challenge, there is nothing impossible for the company.

Moreover, the tech enterprise claims to manufacture more than one million gears a week which would be further shipped to the US and then distributed to other countries. The novel coronavirus has created a great uproar in the US causing lockdown in most of the states. On the other, the company has pledged to donate over 20 million face masks worldwide as its measure against the spread of the deadly virus. 

Mr. Cook on his twitter profile states that “This is a truly global effort, and we’re working continuously and closely with government at all the levels to ensure these are distributed to as aper the need”. Meanwhile, he also claimed that the company has roped engineers, designers, and suppliers to get the required products and start production as soon as possible. What is more interesting is that the company can assemble the plastic face mask in less than two minutes. These masks were delivered to some of the hospitals in California two weeks ago.

The materials were manufactured in both the US and China. Mr. Cook personally focused on Apple to serve mankind the most unique way in times of need. He also claimed the service as “ a labor of love and gratitude and shall do more over the time”.

There is a huge shortage of hospital equipment including masks, ventilators protective gears of medical staffs. Therefore, most of the brands are trying their best to produce essential equipment to meet the demand. However, the company also recommends all its staff and consumers to follow the guideline to combat this dreaded disease. As of now most of the subsidiaries are under lockdown thus suspending the production of electronic gadgets.

In addition to that, over 1,400 3D printer owners in the UK have promised to utilize their machines to manufacture face masks for the NHS. Many manufacturing hubs including electronic firms, carmakers, textile hubs, and other organizations are devoted to making vital medical supplies for hospitals around the world. 

Coronavirus Update

The Department of Health claimed that 621 people have died in the hospital on Sunday after testing positive of COVID-19, taking the death count to 4,934. Likewise, over 47,806 people have tested positive with this deadly coronavirus. The virus is spreading like wildfire with tens and thousands of cases rising globally. After its growth from China, it took only 67 days to reach the first 100,000 whereas only 11 days to reach the second phase of 100,00 cases. Therefore it is very necessary to stay at home to break the virus chain.